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How to Install a Porch Light

One of the ways you can improve the front view or curb appeal of your home is by changing the porch lights or adding more. Although this is easier said than done, especially when you want to engage in DIY methods. Still, you can relax knowing that the tips in this guide have got you covered.

Why are Porch Lights Necessary?

OK, this question seems unnecessary, but we’ll discuss the answers all the same. These lighting devices add to the beauty, security, and safety of your home. Visitors are clearly seen at night before they’re allowed entry, the steps are well-illuminated, and you get to have a sense of security too.

A List of Things You (May) Need for Your DIY Porch Light Installation

  • Fish tape
  • Lineman’s pliers
  • Long-nose pliers
  • Jigsaw
  • Drywall saw
  • Drill
  • ¼-inch bit
  • Strippers
  • Screwdriver
  • Voltage tester

What to Keep in Mind

You need to install an interior switch that you’ll supply power to. The light has to be hung, and a cable box is also necessary. This guide will put you through each step until you’re finally able to use a fully installed porch light.

Installing Your Porch Light

Drill a hole with theused of a quarter inch bit and use a bent wire to verify the box’s closeness to a stud. Ensure that it’s not. If you’re certain that there are no cables or pipes in the wall, you can trace the box outline on the side. Cut to create an opening on the box with your jigsaw.

Now it’s time for the work box installation. Use a fish tape to tug out the cable out via the fixture box’s opening. Make sure you strip about 8 inches worth of insulation away from the cable before clamping it right in to the box. Of course, the box can now be installed. Fix the second box by running cable if you’re going for two lights.

Let’s just say you’re half-way there by now in terms of the steps in the entire installation process. The mounting strap, which comes with the light fixture, can be attached by stripping about three fourths of an inch of insulation out of the individual wires. Make sure the mounting bolts have been well-placed to support the fixture.

You’re almost there. How does going DIY feel? Proceed by ensuring that your home’s power source has been turned off. Use a wire hanger to hold the fixture. Connect the wires based on color compatibility and fold them into the box. It’s now time for the installation of the fixture right into the mounting bolts.

The last few steps involve caulking right around the base, wiring the switch, fixing a bulb, and testing the entire installation. Did the light come on? Great. Oh, remember to put on the house’s power source before the test.

Final words…

It’s advisable to use a programmable switch for the sake of security and convenience. With such features, you’ll be able to set a timer for the light to switch itself on and off. Now you can step back to admire the work you just did and the added beauty it’s giving your home.…

walk in closet

How to Transform a Spare Bedroom into a Walk-In Closet

Do you have a spare bedroom? Is the probability of using it for something other than transforming it into a walk-in closet very low? If yes, then you’re reading the right article. Here, you’ll learn how to put that empty space into good use. The tips below will discuss closet storage solutions and arrangement ideas.

Your Closet Storage Ideas

You don’t want to see all those piles of clothes in your bedroom anymore, right? You’re tired of the look of your bedroom closet’s clutter getting on your nerves, uh? Good. Now think about how to avoid having the same problem in your new walk-in closet.

If you don’t plan the new arrangement properly, you may end up facing the same problem: annoying piles of clothes and accessories in various spots that always seem to be impossible to get rid of. Take a look at the storage ideas below.

  • Wall-mounted hooks
  • Trays
  • Dishes
  • Baskets
  • Shoe racks
  • Bar carts
  • Open shelving or wardrobes
  • Dressers

The above equipment are closet storage solutions that will help in keeping different types of clothes and accessories in the right places. Each item can add to the stylishness of the arrangement.

Other Aspects to Consider

There are more aspects of your new closet to think about such as making the interior design blend with the room windows. You can decorate the windows to fit the room’s color patterns and other effects. It would be a good idea to place a bench seat by the window as a great spot for putting on your shoes. Possibly, you can position the closet desk and vanity mirror close enough to the window to benefit from the natural light.

Make sure the room is well-lit—in addition to possibly fixing a chandelier, table lamp, floor lamp, under-cabinet lighting, pendant light, and so on. What about side tables and chairs? They provide extra storage spots and comfort in the dressing room. Preferably, you could get fancy chairs to blend with the style of the décor.

Cabinet doors can be installed to have some privacy in case you need to use the space as a “quiet time” spot. Rugs will also be a nice addition to the setting for a cozy feel. The larger the mirrors used, the better the room will look. You could have a stylish leaning floor mirror placed at a perfect spot.

Transform that empty space into the walk-in closet you’ve always wanted. You’d be ensuring that the available space is being used wisely. It wouldn’t just be a room you clean regularly for no reason. Depending on your budget, you can make this transformation a very important pet project aimed at having a walk-in closet that projects luxury, elegance, sophistication, and good taste. Make your visitors jealous!

Hopefully, the tips given above will be useful for your creative ideas. Go wild with your imagination. Follow your heart’s desires to design a closet that suits you. No more lazily piling up clothes and accessories in any corner of your bedroom! Yay!…

plumbing issues

How to Fix Common Plumbing Issues

It’s a shocking fact that leakage in your house can waste up to 9400 gallons of water in a year. Plumbing problems, if remain unchecked, can not only cause you a lot of inconveniences but also be hefty on your pocket. Imagine turning on the shower on a chilly morning and not getting hot water.

Normally, people tend to ignore problems till they don’t reach a breaking point. If common plumbing problems aren’t solved on time, it may interrupt your everyday activities. The complexity of the problem decides whether you need to call a plumber or can fix it yourself. So, here is a guide for you on how to fix common plumbing issues at your home.

Fault In The Toilet

If there is a leak in the toilet, there is a huge possibility that it will not come to notice for very long. An internal leak in the water tank will not create a mess on the floor but will drain all the water down.  Such leaks in the toilet are mainly due to rubber flappers. Over time, the rubber flapper gets disfigured and may fail to seal the tank properly. In other cases, the chain attached to the fapper gets twisted, due to which the flush doesn’t function properly. To fix this, replace the flushing mechanism, and you are good to go.

Leakage In Pipes

In old houses, leaking pipes is one of the major plumbing problems. Many older buildings still use copper pipes. Such pipes are strong but can’t handle extreme temperatures. The expansion and contraction in copper pipes due to variation in temperature leads to break down. Hence, it is essential to maintain the copper pipes according to the changing seasons. The best way is to cover the pipes with insulated materials. 

Defective Faucets

Problems in the faucet lead to the wastage of an enormous amount of water. Also, the sound of a leaking tap is very irritating. You can solve this problem by replacing the washer on your own or by calling a plumber. Fixing a leaking pipe can either be a simple job or a very difficult one. Hence to analyze the complexity, it is best to call a professional and solve the problem.

Low Water Pressure

The build-up, debris, and dirt in the plumbing may slow down the water pressure. To fix this problem, start with unscrewing the showerheads where you have the problem. Soak the aerator or the showerhead in vinegar overnight to release the build-up. If it is not possible for you to unscrew the aerator, you can tie a plastic bag filled with vinegar around the faucet.  

No Hot Water

The primary cause of problems in water heaters is mineral deposits. It can bring down the efficiency of the water heater, hence reducing the supply of hot water across your home. First of all, you should check the temperature settings of your heater and adjust them as per your requirement. If you think mineral deposits are causing the problem, you need to drain the water tank so that sediments can be flushed out. 

No matter what the difficulty is, it can cause a lot of inconveniences. It’s great if you can fix the problems on your own. If still the issue persists, it is best to call for professional plumbing services.…


Best Comforters You Can Buy Right Now

A comforter is like one of your loved ones. It gives you warmth, protects you from cold, and makes you feel good. A soft, high-quality comforter brings all the peace in the world to you. It keeps you cozy, warm without making you feel too hot. The perfect comforter is not only soft for your skin but also is easy to clean, durable and well-composed.

Considering that there are several comforters available in the market, choosing the best one for yourself might be a little daunting. To solve your problem, we analyzed the feedback on the comforters available in the market to compile a list of the best comforters. So if you are planning to buy one for yourself, we present you with a list of the best comforters you can buy right now.

Riley Down Comforter

This warm and soft comforter Riley is one of the most recognized comforters. Awarded as the best comforter for two years straight by Wirecutter, it is filled with the premium quality of Goose Down. The evenly distributed down and the smoothest sateen covers provide the ultimate comfort. Hence, this comforter tops the list of best down comforters.

Superior Down Alternative Comforter

Down comforters are expensive and need care. Down Alternative Comforters have the look of a Down comforter but are pocket friendly. One of the best options for you is the Superior Down Alternative Comforter. This comforter is filled with synthetic polyester and is very cozy, fluffy, and easy to wash. 

Martha Stewart Collection Essentials Reversible Down Alternative Comforter

If you want a lightweight comforter that keeps you warm, then the reversible down comforter by Martha Stewart Essentials is the one you. It is not only budget-friendly but also low maintenance and easy to keep. Its hypoallergenic polyester filling will keep you warm and cozy throughout the whole night.

Buffy Cloud Comforter

The super-soft Buffy Cloud Comforter is made up of breathable eucalyptus fabric and filled with recycled fiber. Being one of the most eco-friendly comforters, the Buffy Cloud Comforter is one of a kind. You would be amazed to know that each of these comforters prevents 50 plastic bottles from going into the trash.

StyleWell Down Feather Comforter

Filled with a blend of down and feather, this comforter by StyleWell is designed to provide the most comfortable sleep experience. It also has a 100% cotton fabric cover, which makes it one of the favorite ones. As a part of its thoughtful design, this comforter has loops at the corner to securely fix the duvet covers.

Coyuchi Three Season Down Duvet Insert

Another cozy comforter that we can’t miss out on is the Three Season Down Comforter by Coyuchi. This one is a great option to use all year round. Especially for the people who get hot while sleeping, this lightweight comforter keeps you cozy.

A premium quality comforter will enable you to get a sound sleep. Considering the climate of the place where you live and your fabric preference, you can select the ideal comforter for yourself. Happy sleeping!…

finance app

Top Apps for Keeping a Tab on Your Personal Expenses

Technology has made so many aspects of human life simpler such as how we communicate, do business, travel, learn, and so on. Innovation has yielded various improvements in how we go about personal lives. An example is the use of software applications to improve the quality of life.

For this guide, we will be looking at apps that have been developed to make the management of personal finance more streamlined. Hopefully, you will find what you are looking for here.

Tracking Your Personal Expenses: 5 Best Apps


Mint is a popular first-rate product that is seen as the best app for tracking personal expenses. Among many other functionalities, one of its special features is credit score protection which is an important aspect of personal finance.

Clarity Money

These days, there are so many services that require subscriptions. If you want to manage your list, then this tool is highly recommended. Subscriptions can be cancelled easily from this app, so users are able remove services that are not relevant to them anymore. This way, they will avoid wastage and save some money. Clarity Money also provides analyses on spending behavior among other advanced tasks.


Prism helps users to streamline the process of settling their bills. The app is connected to so many services, so there is a high possibility that you will see all the service providers that you pay to. It also handles automatic bill tracking and reminds you about payment deadlines. Bills can be paid via the app from just one account.


EveryDollar is a choice app for the strict spender who is serious about budgeting. It also has a feature through which you can contact personal finance professionals for advice and other services.


This tool is known for its shared expenses feature that involves managing a mutually conceived financial setup—apart from your personal expenses. These mutually conceived expenses are usually for you and your loved ones. For example, family expenses. Spendee also aids in budget planning, budget tracking, bill payment scheduling, and so on.

Choosing an App for Tracking Personal Expenses

It may be hard to choose from the 5 apps that have been described in this guide. However, your decision can be based on other criteria such as built-in functionalities, ease of use, speed, cost, ratings, etc.

In terms of cost, it is common for such apps to have free versions and paid versions. However, the free versions will offer fewer functionalities than their paid versions. Paid versions are usually referred to as premium packages. You may have to pay for monthly or annual subscriptions in order to use them.

There are some apps that do not have paid versions. They are 100% free! So, if you are all about affordability, you can simply look for these tools on online stores for a free installation. Some apps are compatible with both Android and iOS, or either of the two. They can work on your smart devices—be it a smartphone or a tablet.…